Crystal Gayle sing "Till I Take Control Again." Photo from YouTube via Screengrab

Crystal Gayle sing “Till I Take Control Again.” Photo from YouTube via Screengrab

Venturing to a New Record Label

Crystal Gayle left Columbia Record back in 1982. Then, she signed a contract with Electra Records. Her intention for doing such an action was to form an association with a smaller label that could provide her with more attention. However, January of the following year, ironically, she found herself in a large company. She was again on a huge artist roster when Electra merged with Warner Bros.

During that time, Crystal Gayle released her first Electra solo recording “Till I Gain Control Again.” It was a song written by Rodney Crowell which he composed in 1976 while he was still a member of Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band. It was one of the first songs that Crowell wrote. It was a personal breakthrough after he decided to make songwriting a major vocation in his music career.

A Song Recorded by Many Artists but a Hit for Her

Before “Till I Gain Control Again” became a single for Crystal Gayle, it was touched by many musicians. The song was the most recorded song written by Crowell. It was recorded by Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Rodney Crowell himself among others.

Even though the song has a lot of versions, Crowell was the only version that Crystal Gayle had heard of before she recorded the song. Her producer, Jimmy Bowen didn’t care if the song had been recorded by someone else, he still decided to include it to her Electra debut album, “True Love.”

Crystal Gayle liked the song a lot and she didn’t also care if “Till I Gain Control Again” was recorded by other artists before her. However, before recording the song,  she had doubts. She thought that the song just “didn’t sound like her.” Still, Jimmy Bowen convinced her to record it. Rodney Crowell was hands-on during the recording session, adding vocals. Crystal Gayle’s version of “Till I Gain Control Again” reached the summit of Billboard’s country singles chart of February 12, 1983, which made it her 11th chart topper.

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