September 15

Sing-a-long Once More to Crystal Gayle’s 1977 Hit Track

Remember the 1977 hit song released by Loretta Lynn’s younger sister?

We’re talking about Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue by the musically talented and upbeat artist, Crystal Gale. After diving in into the music industry 10 years after the successful career of her older sister, Loretta Lynn, had finally gained her own triumphant moment for her songs during the 1970’s. In 1977, Crystal Gayle released Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, a song with a well-defined and intricate mix of jazz and pop.


Her sexy, suave voice complemented by the soothing and mellow melody led the track to hit number one on the U.S. country chart on September 7, 1977. Additionally, the hit track reached number 2 on the All-Genre Hot 100 of Billboard, while it landed on number 4 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

Reaching number one wasn’t an easy, effortless journey for Gayle. It took her a few years and countless singles released in the 70’s before she finally reached a stepping stone that led to her first success.

The song was composed by Richard Leigh, the same creative genius behind three of the previous Top Ten C&W hits released by Crystal Gayle. Before it was pitched to Gayle, the song was originally going to be written for Shirley Bassey. However, when Gayle’s producer, Allen Reynolds, sang parts of the lyrics to Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue, Leigh immediately knew that was just the song that Crystal needed to fill in the missing piece to her career’s victory. He exclaimed, “Shirley Bassey my ass, I want that song!” and was later on delighted when Gayle exhibited the same amount of excitement he had when he first heard the track.

Due to the fact that there were hints of other genres other than Country in the song, it left such a lasting impact on a variety of listeners. Many artists did covers and different renditions in several languages of Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, that songwriting rights organization ASCAP recognized it as one of the most performed songs of the 20th century.


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