January 11

Were You Also Found Crying in the Chapel?

A favorite among Gospel Singers

Mahalla Jackson, The Staple Singers, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Carol Fran, Anita Wood and The Jordanaires. Name some gospel singers you know and assuredly, there’s a high possibility of them doing a cover of that famed gospel song, Crying in the Chapel.

One noteworthy is Rock and Roll King’s version. Feel his heart to this tune. It surely gives some chills.

Elvis Presley in “Crying in the Chapel”

Some sources say that Elvis’ cover was inspired by soul singer, Mahalla Jackson.

He was that comfortable with the song that he cut it in five minutes with gospel singers, The Jordanaires.

Every word was heavily emotive and must be sung with the same intensity.

For this singing legend though, it came naturally considering his Pentecostal exposure and church upbringing.

It should have been included in his 1960 Gospel album, Your Hand In Mine, had it not been held due to a conflict with publishing rights. Five years later, the song was finally released as an Easter Single. The reception was overwhelming! The delay could have been a blessing that when the time was right for the song’s release, it was a gold of a success. It peaked at No. 1 on the Easy Listening chart and reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

On March 1967, the song again was released. An LP this time named, How Great Thou Art.

Song’s Anatomy

From the first verse to the last, the song’s intent is to introduce the chapel as a go-to place for all types of people and their cares.

The Chapel, as described, is a refuge where poor souls could find the following:

… a spot to unload their burdens,
… peace of mind,
… other believers to fellowship as one in the spirit of the Lord and
…a space to strengthen one’s self

What about you? What brought you crying in the Chapel?


Elvis Presley, gospel, Mahalla Jackson

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