“Cry Cry Cry” was a song that was written and performed by the one and only Johnny Cash. Let’s revisit this wonderful classic and appreciate it.

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Johnny Cash and the Hit “Cry Cry Cry”

“Cry Cry Cry” was a song released way back in 1955 by the legendary country artist, Johnny Cash. It was received  well by listeners and was very popular back when it first came out.

Audiences back then loved the song very much and it was treated as an instant hit by the crowd. Even today, however, many country fans still consider this song to be one of the best. No classic country playlist can be complete without this song being a part of it.

This song can also be seen as one of the earliest examples of rock and roll and country rock. This song helped establish the bedrock where country rock built its existence.

Air Force Cadet Johnny Cash, Cry Cry Cry, johnny cash

On July 18 1951, Vivian Liberto met Air Force cadet J.R. Cash in San Antonio, TX. When Cash was deployed three weeks later, a three-year-long correspondence ensued.

This song was included in Johnny Cash’s first album release in 1957. The album’s title was “With His Hot and Blue Guitar”.

This song greatly helped the country legend make a name for himself in the music stage. When Cash just came home from serving with the United States Air Force, he signed a deal with Sun Records. Shortly after signing he wrote the song “Hey, Porter”.

While the song was great, it didn’t really get that noticed. Johnny Cash was told by the owner of Sun Records to come back with a song that could be a hit, something that the company could sell.

cry cry cry, johnny cash

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Cash returned home and, in one night, wrote the song “Cry Cry Cry” that he then performed the very next day. The company loved it and allowed the song to be recorded.

This would prove as a good move on the company’s part. Upon release, the song was very well received. It climbed and took the number 14 spot on the charts. This song helped Cash’s career to take off as he got noticed a lot after the song’s release. Soon after the song came out, Johnny Cash was seen touring with the King of Rock, Elvis Presley.

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Did you know? The Cash family bought Johnny Carson’s home when they moved to California in 1958.