February 7

“At The Cross” , The Victory was Won and we are Ultimately Redeemed

The Cross is one of the most significant symbols in the world of Christianity. It symbolizes the unwavering love of God for us, His children. To win the freedom that human race has been savoring for thousand years, an unimaginable amount of agony was endured that ended in the bloodstained cross.

The curse was broken “At the Cross”

Jesus said “It’s done” as the last drops of His blood fell on that wooden cross. He meant that we are free from the “curse” that was supposed to be suffered by the entire humanity because of the Original Sin ascribed from Adam and Eve.

Through Christ’s death on the cross, those who turn to Him are delivered from both the penalty and the power of sin. (1 Peter 2:24-25 )

What was that curse again? Yes, it’s the tribulation that should have lead us to the most pitiful and unbearable situation which is more than what we can imagine. But then again, the sacrifice of Jesus on that Cross completely broke the scourge.

Alongside the liberty for a peaceful life is the freedom to choose and to decide. As we journey thru this life, many doors of opportunities and invitations will meet us along the way. Human as we are, we sometimes walk on the wrong side of the road. We sometimes allow ourselves to fall into the trap of temptation that further causes pain and misery. Worst, we even conclude that God never really cared for us because He allowed us to stumble in such kind of hopeless situation.

In this kind of despondent situation, let us always go back to “The Cross”. Man, God did not allow His begotten Son to suffer those intolerable ordeals in the hands of those merciless individuals for nothing. Those sacrifices are for you! Again, go back to the cross – that bloody cross symbolizes the end of your agony.  And that Cross of Jesus will be your refuge against the cruelty of this world.

“At The Cross” , The Victory was Won and we are Ultimately Redeemed 1

At the Cross, we lay our burdens down

Sure thing, we all have different concerns by now. Family, financial, or social struggles continue to bombard us. As we wait for that day when we will go home to the perfect place designed for us, let us keep our faith strong and never to give up on these tests of time.

The best prayer we can offer in every situation is to ask Jesus to hide us behind The Cross. Because behind the cross, we are safe and secured. Do not attempt to carry the loads by yourself. Lay it down on the Cross, and you’ll see how everything will turn well in God’s perfect time.

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At the Cross, Hank Williams Sr.

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