January 11

Cristy Lane Sings of Our Man from Galilee

Another multi-million selling gospel song by Cristy Lane.

“The Man from Galilee”

A Chris Holloway’s Song. What’s in it for us?

It is a narration about a feeble man’s prayer on a Christmas eve in Texas. He simply wanted to light a candle in celebration of Jesus’ birthday. People streaming in or out of the chapel were oblivious of him. They were so wrapped up in their own cares and merry-making to notice him.

With a candle in his hand and a sigh in his spirit, the lowly man also uttered a prayer for them. He asked that their eyes be opened to the real essence of Christmas. The center of everything should be about the Lord whom he described as the man from Galilee.


A province in the northernmost part of Israel.

This was home to Jesus for three decades before he sets out to do what he was born for. In his time, Galileans had an ill-reputation of being mavericks and troublemakers. Hence, the hesitation of Nathaniel, one of the twelve apostles, of his identity as the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews. Added to this lad’s anxiety was the fact that people there were either non-observant or less devout Jews. To be a Galilean then means to be equated as either an outsider or a bandit.

Jesus was an unashamed Galilean

Several significant events of Jesus’ ministry as recorded in the Bible happened in Galilee:

His first miracle of turning water into wine was wrought at the wedding in Cana of Galilee.
His first disciples were Galileans.
He spoke their language and delivered nineteen of his parables using their native tongue. One that was memorable was the Sermon on the Mount.
After his resurrection, he met with his apostles again on the shore of Galilee.


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