November 21

Cristy Lane’s Soothing Version of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind”


Cristy Lane is more than just a songbird with the face of an angel. Throughout the years that she’s been on TV, she has inspired millions of people with her songs about faith, courage, and love. Truly, she is a lady of all things beautiful including this rendition of Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind!”

In case we didn’t know, Lane performed for Willie Nelson’s Farm Aid in 1989.

Cristy Lane: A Big-Hearted Lady on a Mission

As a singer, Lane has recorded more than 400 songs in her lifetime and garnered multiple successes including six top ten hits and three others in the top twenty. Nevertheless, fame and ranking as one of the top-notch female country singers were not her primary concerns. She was more driven to bringing comfort and joy through music to all soldiers dispatched in far places. Hence, supporting military troops became her lifetime commitment.

In 1969, Lane received a medal for her services in Vietnam where she did more than 120 shows. Come 2003; Lane was inducted into the “ Hall of Fame Award” for her selfless initiative in being of service to our troops.

But her acts of kindness and generosity weren’t limited to soldiers. In 2005, she donated all proceeds of her album sales to the victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka. In the same vein, Lane again donated to the Chinese victims of the earthquake in 2008.

Career Highlights

1979- Academy of Country Music’s “Top New Female Vocalist of The Year”

1981 – Platinum Album Award for “One Day at a Time

1983 – Her biography, “One Day at a Time” became the #1 million selling book in the US.

1984 – EMI’s Billboard Magazine named Cristy Lane as the biggest selling artist in India.

2007- Inducted into the “Christian Music Hall of Fame and Museum Award”


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