Featured are personal thoughts and appreciations from two of our current writers/contributors for Country Thang Daily.

“It’s a shame I didn’t know you for the longest time. There were no memories to look back on and it seems like I’ve only heard the worst about you. Still, I’ll keep praying that God gives you clarity of mind. You’re getting old and weak. Soon, you’ll need us. Help yourself. Straighten your life, at least. Enough with your “goofy” and merrymaking times. Make your remaining days count.”

– Chanum Song –

“Understanding and patience
To me, you give with no expense
Now all I earnestly ask is your presence
As I try to put some essence to my existence
I love you Daddy”

– Kathleen Thing –

Now for the featured song called “Family Man.”

The Songwriter

Craig Campbell

From gigs in clubs and demo sessions, Mr. Campbell rose to fame in 2010. His debut single called, “Family Man” climbed the Billboard charts and continued to receive positive reviews to date. By April 2011, his spot as an oncoming legendary singer was cemented.

He was even compared to Alan Jack in terms of songwriting and arrangements. Clearly, a new Campbell is making a mark in Country Music history. Contrary to the pop direction that most new artists transitioned to, Craig Campbell is a firm advocate for ‘real’ country.

What’s in the song?

The song came the time Craig Campbell knew that his wife’s expecting. Now a dad, he worked on a piece that would memorialize his momentous life event. With some help from co-writers, Jon Henderson and Joel Eric Shewmake, the song was polished into a modern man’s chronicle about being the family’s provider and protector.

Hear every note-worthy details in the following clip.

“Family Man” by Craig Campbell