March 16

Cowboys and Cowgirls, Aaron Watson Wants You to Know How God Loves You

Over the past years, Watson has released albums featuring fellow country artists like Willie Nelson, as well as a collection of gospel songs. The gifted singer often sings about his faith and refers to his relationship with God in both his career and personal life. Watson shares three kids with wife Kimberly, and their lost fourth child, Julia Grace, something Watson said actually strengthened his faith. He penned a song for this loss – Bluebonnets (Julia’s Song). Let’s take another song in his The Underdog album, “That’s Why God Loves Cowboys”.

Aaron Watson, who started out on a major record label, recently converted into an independent artist. The Texas native stated “That’s Why God Loves Cowboys” harks back to the era of country music legends, George Strait and Chris LeDoux, while also adding his faith. Aaron Watson is very much vocal about how he incorporates faith into the song. In an interview he said,

“On every record I always put one or two rodeo songs. I wrote this song with Troy Olsen and Sarah Buxton, putting a twist on it, incorporating my faith, because if you know cowboys and the wide open spaces they work, you know God truly loves cowboys (and cowgirls).”

For All Cowboys and Cowgirls Out There

Cowboys are born and called to follow a good road for a real and distinct reason: many are passing over that road every day. Most of the time, they smell like horses and cow pie. Sometimes, they curse at cattle and have been known to drink and fight sometimes, but they are still God’s children. They were put on this earth to take care of herds and make horses and dogs useful. Every person badly needs these characteristics. The freedom that comes with being such in wide open spaces, allows for so many opportunities to show forth the God who provides for every circumstance.

So, to all cowboys and cowgirls out there, God loves you. You are called and worthy. You are a cowboy. Live it fully and faithfully. This is what Aaron Watson wants you to know. The reason why God loves cowboys is,

“’Cause they love and take care of all it’s creations
From the horses they ride
To those broken hardened honky tonk angels
Ooh that’s why God loves cowboys.”

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