June 28, 2018

Granger Admires Classic Country in “Beneath Still Waters”

Country music has been widely innovated through the years. However, classic country is still outperforming modern music as far as sales. Of course, still taking into consideration both the quality of new output in the marketplace, and the pull of reminiscence on many music listeners for music, artists, and songs that are familiar. In connection with these, unless you consider yourself among one of the loyal followers of Cajun music, you probably have never heard the name, Courtney Granger. A guy who turned in an incredibly-surprising cover album of classic country songs crooned out with such lingering genuineness. He is an old-fashioned singer hiding in a modern country artist’s body. One of his records, “Beneath Still Waters”, supports the claim.

Granger Admires Classic Country in “Beneath Still Waters” 1

Who is Courtney Granger?

Courtney Granger is a Cajun music royalty. He is the grandnephew of the arduous Balfa Brothers. Courtney grew up bounded Southern Louisiana music. He is currently the fiddle and accordion player for the universally known Pine Leaf Boys. Some may not know that under the surface of Courtney’s Cajun roots lies a strong desire for classic country. More importantly, he has the wisdom and gift to show it with implausible depth, passion, and expertise.

It was Courtney’s introduction to George Jones and others that implanted a classic country passion in him from an early age. This cross-country or cross state inspiration comes thriving to the surface in his “Beneath Still Waters” music.

More details On “Beneath Still Waters”

“Beneath Still Waters” is a cover album of old classic country songs familiar enough that you may distinguish a few. However, others are perhaps new to you. Even if Courtney is a Cajun-born musician, the album is a classic country to the core. Dallas Frazier, Max T. Barnes, Hank Cochran, Hazel Dickens, Cindy Walker, and Keith Whitley, are just some of the names that make it into the songwriting credits. Every song feels sensibly nominated and is solid with the attitude and style Courtney wanted to present.

Within the album, of course, is “Beneath Still Waters” song by George Jones, covered by Mr. Granger. Diverse as it is, every sound that comes out of Courtney’s mouth sounds like the second coming of George Jones. Hear it for yourself.

Here is a surprising, moving, and honestly striking performance of classic “Beneath Still Waters” made new by the power and passion behind Courtney Granger’s vocals.

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