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Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I)

It is common and normal for anyone in the entertainment industry to adopt a stage name or even just a nickname in which they are known for. The country music community is not exempted on this. In fact, there are a number of country music artists who have revised their names, i.e. dropped their surnames, changed their first names. However, there are also several who have adopted a completely different name far from their given birth names. And, it is quite amusing to know all of these.

Here are 18 famous country music artists who have taken a different stage name and certainly owned it. Check it out if you knew all of them.

1. Hank Williams, Sr.

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 1
Hank Williams, Sr. |Photo Credits: rhino.com

HIRAM KING WILLIAMS. Hiram King is indeed a unique name. However, it sounds more ethnic and less generic. Williams chose the name “Hank” because it is simple, easy to say and remember. Also, “Hiram King” does not have the same ring as Hank, right?

2. Patsy Cline

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 2
Patsy Cline |Photo Credits: biography.com

VIRGINIA PATTERSON HENSLEY. Patsy may be the mother of stage names as she completely changed her name leaving the name Virginia Patterson Hensley off her birth certificate. Actually, she got her popular stage name when she was married to Gerald Cline. Also, it was recommended by her manager to go with the name “Patsy,” a derivation of her middle name and her mother’s maiden name (Patterson).

3. Conway Twitty

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 3
Conway Twitty |Photo Credits: bedtimez.com

HAROLD LLOYD JENKINS. Known for having produced one of the greatest country duets with country music queen Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty was not really a Conway nor a Twitty. He got his name when he was looking at a road map and suddenly spotted two cities in different states: Conway, Arkansas, and Twitty, Texas. Well, in fact, Harold Lloyd Jenkins would definitely make a ring the same way as Conway Twitty did.

4. Johnny Paycheck

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 4
Johnny Paycheck |Photo Credits: live.wdrv.com

DONALD EUGENE LYTLE. Well, obviously, Johnny Paycheck was not born with a name he liked that he took the case into his hands to the extent of legally changing it. Hence, in 1964, 26 years after Donald Eugene Lytle was born, the great Johnny Paycheck came into this world. It is a name that made a mark in country music for a very long time.

5. John Denver

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 5
John Denver |Photo Credits: iheart.com

JOHN HENRY DEUTSCHENDORF. As for John Denver, he had a problem when many people he met misspell and mispronounce his last name. Thus, to make his name short and simple and of course, easy to remember, he dropped his second and last names. He then borrowed the name of his favorite city in Colorado for his last name. Well, who could even correctly spell and pronounce “Deutschendorf” at first sight? Hmmm…

6. Faith Hill

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 6
Faith Hill |Photo Credits: CMT.com

AUDREY FAITH PERRY. If you think that the name Faith Hill is already pretty, well think again, because her real name is prettier. Audrey Faith Perry (if she used it today) would sound similar to pop star Katy Perry. Good thing, she used the name she’s using now. This pretty country music star took her last name from her first marriage to Daniel Hill. It was her first marriage that made her career shone so why not stick with the moniker her fans are familiar with?

7. Tim McGraw

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 7
Tim McGraw |Photo Credits: famousbirthdays.com

SAMUEL TIMOTHY SMITH. Faith Hill’s husband is fond of stage names alike. Tim is obviously a clip from his second name Timothy. Meanwhile, he drew the name McGraw from his famous dad, Tug McGraw, who was an MLB pitcher. Well, Tim McGraw was just a right choice, and a perfect combination for a name of a great artist “all we ever find”.

8. Shania Twain

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 8
Shania Twain |Photo Credits: thefamouspeople.com

EILEEN REGINA EDWARDS. The Queen of Country Pop is of course in the list. Shania has already revealed in one of her interviews that she has undergone a lot of hardships when she was young. To note, she has experienced verbal abuse from her stepdad whom she has taken her last name, Twain. Well, Eileen Regina Edwards is really a good name for a royalty but not for a country music star. Shania Twain does!

9. Wynonna Judd

Country Music Stars Whose Real Names You Did Not Know (Part I) 9
Wynonna Judd |Photo Credits: vimeo.com

CHRISTINA CLAIRE CIMINELLA. Wynonna has not met her biological father whom she said has already passed away. She took the name Wynonna from one of Ray Benson’s song that mentioned a city in Arizona called Winona. To make it more of her own, she revised the spelling. Judd is the maiden name of her mother, Naomi, and the name that made them famous as a mother-daughter duo in the 1990s. As for real last name, she took it from her stepdad.

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