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10. Hank Williams, Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr. |Photo Credits:

RANDALL HANK WILLIAMS. As a matter of fact, there was no Hank, Sr. nor a Hank, Jr. Both father and son have completely different real names. Well, his father, Hank Sr., has already made the name “Hank” big so why not take it and attach “Jr.” with it. Indeed a great move for the son.

11. Randy Travis

Randy Travis |Photo Credits:

RANDY BRUCE TRAYWICK. He could be considered the king of stage names as he has had several stage names he used throughout his entire career. Before Randy Travis was heard, Randy Ray came in to play. But, it did not hit the same as what Randy Travis did. After all, Travis is quite similar to his real last name, Traywick.

12. Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks (of Brooks & Dunn) |Photo Credits:

LEON ERIC BROOKS III. The one-half of the ultimate country music duo, Brooks & Dunn, Kix is actually a Jr. of his father who is also a Jr. He is the third in his family to have acquired the “Leon Eric” name. Well, it is already a very common name in their family and for sure, Brooks is tired of hearing such a common name in the house and rather, altered his name. Legend has it that the name Kix rooted from the word “kicks” as he kept on kicking his mother’s belly while she’s still pregnant with him.

13. Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean |Photo Credits:

JASON ALDINE WILLIAMS. He is not related to either of the Williams mentioned earlier in this article. However, it was a good move for him to drop his last name, alter the spelling of his second name and boom, a star is born. In fact, there was a famous basketball player named Jason Williams when Jason Aldean was starting his career. Of course, he wanted to stand out on his own that’s why he polished his own name. Well, who doesn’t?

14. Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan |Photo Credits:

THOMAS LUTHER BRYAN. Undeniably, Thomas Luther is a very beautiful name and Luke is afraid to take a big responsibility bearing such. However, whatever name he calls himself, his fans would still love him more than ever.

15. Trace Adkins

Trace Adkins |Photo Credits:

TRACY DARRELL ADKINS. With his countenance and stature, surely, Trace would definitely change his name. Tracy is very much a stereotyped girl name, and so is Darrel. So to keep it short, simple and something that would suit him, Trace Adkins is simply the best name for him.

16. Gary LeVox

Gary LeVox (of Rascal Flatts) |Photo Credits:

GARY VERNON, JR. Doing away with the idea of other artists that a generic name is better, Gary is just one of the few who thinks otherwise. His real last name actually sounds more generic. His adopted last name, LeVox, simply translates to “the voice” in French. This Rascal Flatts lead vocalist specially chose it because he has a unique reason. It comes from the label of an in-studio console reading “L.Vox”. “L” stood for lead singer and Vox is a brand of amplifiers.

17. Kid Rock

Kid Rock |Photo Credits:

ROBERT JAMES RITCHIE. Obviously, the name Kid Rock is easily identified as a stage name. However, if you don’t know him, you might be surprised that his real name is as beautiful as he is. Kid Rock was actually derived during his DJ career in Michigan before. Many people would watch him and say that they enjoyed watching “that white kid rock.” Whether he used his real name, Robert James Richie, or his current stage name, it would surely not matter at all. He is definitely a star of his own.

18. Chely Wright

Chely Wright |Photo Credits:

RICHELL RENE WRIGHT. Chely was clipped from her interestingly spelled first name, Richell. Well, her name is not as girly as the names Dolly and Tammy, but Chely is a name that can roll off our tongues easier.

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