August 29

Top 3 Most Adorable Country Star Moments with Their Pets


Do you have a soft spot for pets? Are you all for animal rights and wish you could spend your whole day surrounded by their sweet, silly, and loyal company? If so, these top 3 videos featuring your favorite country singers with their furry friends will surely be your day’s dose of cuteness!

3. Dierks Bentley and his dog, Jake

At number five is a throwback video of country singer Dierks Bentley with his best furry friend, Jake. All Bentley’s fans know well that he cares a lot for his dog and they share a really close bond. In this video, Jake joins his human during rehearsals. Bentley makes his dog the star of the show, while he shares details about Jake’s fright during a storm the other night. His dog was so frightened that he jumped and tripped over a fence. Thankfully, his neighbors called his attention and that’s when he discovered that Jake was missing. Later on in the video, Bentley gets all silly and flaunts his so-called innovative invention—a three-red-solo-cup holder.

Sadly, on July 10, 2016, the singer announced the devastating loss of his dearest dog. 15-year-old Jake was suffering from cancer. In the singer’s album, Black, it features a song that Bentley dedicates to Jake. The song’s title is ‘Can’t Be Replaced.’

2. Tyler Hubbard brings his Goldie, Jake with him on Tour

In the country music group, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler shares his fellow band member, Brian Kelley’s love for dogs. During their Smooth Tour performance in Indianapolis, Tyler decided to bring his dear pet with him onstage. The crowd cheered loudly and warmly as the adorable Harvey ran around and greeted the audience while he donned special earphones to protect his ears from the loud music. It was obvious that Harley did enjoy sharing a moment with his human as he performed.

1. Thomas Rhett Serenades his Dogs Cash and Kona


Thomas Rhett’s dogs sure are lucky to be serenaded by the country star himself first thing in the morning. In this 49-second video, the singer’s dogs, Cash and Kona are seen eagerly listening to their owner while he strums his guitar and sings to them. Soon, he mentions “treats” and his dogs start to jump around and wag their tails more excitedly. Rhett leads Kona and Cash to the kitchen, while he sings “let’s go to the kitchen to get a sandwich-flavored treat—Hey!

Pets are truly such wonderful companions to have not just at home, but in life in general. They are irreplaceable friends that will make our days brighter and our lives more memorable. Which video did you like the most? Make sure to share in the comments below!


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