April 6

Country Songs That Definitely Bring A Good Laugh Part I

Every year, when we approach the first day of April, everyone knows what it means. Putting a loud laugh as I say it, yes, it is every practical joker’s favorite day! Let us let our locks down and enjoy a good laugh. Country stars love a good laugh as much as anyone else does. In line with this, we have prepared 10 funny songs of some country artists.

Country Songs That Definitely Bring A Good Laugh Part I 1

All My Ex’s Live in Texas, George Strait

Sorry to ask this question, but who has not been forbidden to enter a state because of their love life? Strait delivers this homesick blues for the Lone Star State in this honky-tonk song. If only all his ex-girlfriends did not live there, too.


Girl in a Country Song, Maddie & Tae

“Girl in a Country Song” draws a fine line between being humorous while also calling out different thoughts against women in country music. In a world where “bro-country” often makes women a brace, Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye took it cleverly and amusingly. Now, we feel happier about it. We are huge fans of this appealing song from Maddie & Tae, not just because of that funny role setback of a music video that goes along with it. Do not get us wrong though, we love Conway Twitty and George Strait.

Redneck Woman, Gretchen Wilson

Southern attractive women and fashion models are about to get a butt kicking in Wilson’s cool and folksy anthem. In fact, “Redneck Woman”, goes from funny to innovative when you notice that it paved the way for other shamelessly honest and raw female country artists. In the video, Wilson is portrayed performing in a Western-style club with a live band, cage girls dancing in the background, and customers in the crowd that is drinking beer. Not to mention, the music video includes the following guest stars: Big and Rich, Tanya Tucker, Hank William, Jr., and Kid Rock.

Like My Dog, Billy Currington

Billy Currington asks for just a simple thing in his “Like My Dog’ song. Currington just wants to be loved without questions, expectations and complaining. Basically, he just wants to be loved like his dog loves him. “Is that too much to ask?” he deliberates in this hilarious song. We hope not, Billy. We hope not.

You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

For Lynn and Twitty, marriage is not about so much more than money, properties or even beautifully challenged children. It is about love, of course! While You’re the Reason Our Kids are Ugly” makes jokes about many things, it does not joke about that, making it an undeniably sweet love song.

That’s it for today. Visit us again tomorrow on https://www.countrythangdaily.com/ to have another good laugh for our last five picks.


George Strait, redneck woman

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