April 6

Country Songs That Definitely Bring A Good Laugh Part II

As it turns out, artists such as Brad Paisley have made a name for themselves with extremely amusing songs such as “Famous People” and “Ticks”, while others such as Maddie and Tae use humor to make their more serious messages heard. Either way, nothing makes a country singer laugh more than making a hilarious song, and nothing makes us laugh more than listening to it. Continue reading and spoil yourselves to our last five funny country songs.

Country Songs That Definitely Bring A Good Laugh Part II 1

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy, Kenny Chesney

Some women go for little red cars, but who loves John Deere is whom Chesney loves, too. It describes the character who is working on a farm, driving a tractor under the hot summer sun. He describes himself as being eye-catching to a woman who “thinks his tractor’s sexy”.

I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song), Brad Paisley

Sometimes, a man must pick between fishing and a woman. Have we ever been there? While Paisley has released many funny songs “I’m Gonna Miss Her” is the star of his list for being so serious. He really is going to miss his girl, just not enough to keep him from the lake.

I Love You Honey, Patsy Cline

Brad Paisley chose a fish over a girl, but Cline is more concerned about four wheels. This hilarious song describes a man grateful to Cline saying yes to a date. Later on, he realizes it is his car she is really after.

Some Beach, Blake Shelton

Does anyone want to escape the city life once in a while? Well. You are with Shelton on this. He needs a beach, any beach, anywhere. “Some Beach” is a song about road rage, no parking, and dentist-induced drilling. In short, the character deals with frustrations, and we do not blame him. It captures the need for escape we all feel when days just aren’t going our way.

Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy), Big and Rich

What can be better than a song that fuses country-rock and country-rap telling listeners to keep animals safe by riding, yes, a cowboy, instead? Can you believe it? When the song gets revised with a dance version, of course! Listen to Big & Rich’s rhythmic version right after you listen to the original.

We know we missed plenty of humorous country songs. Share your pick of country songs’ funniest with us in the comments section.


Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Patsy Cline

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