February 28

A Song Can Definitely Be Mouthwatering With A Spice Of Country

A Song Can Definitely Be Mouthwatering With A Spice Of Country 1

For us who are damn crazy ‘bout country, we definitely like everything to be country. Just like the songs we listen to, we like a sprinkle of banjo, a blend of guitar, a dice of piano, or even a broil of drums with its grilled lyrics, and marinated melody then it’s the ultimate perfection. A song with its mouthwatering mixture that relaxes us, with a finishing touch and a li’l spice of country is certainly the extreme reduction of complications.

Forever Country…

Were you in a situation before wherein you’re listening to your favorite country music on your porch then suddenly a different song was played? That’s unacceptable, isn’t it? But then you realized, that song would damn be better if it’s in Country. Admit it, there are songs we wish to be country. And if that particular song has been covered by country artists, we are crazy ‘bout it, like playing it over and over.

All Of Me…

Let me give you a specific song that I loved listening when it was covered as Country. This is “All Of Me” by John Legend. The song has been loved by millions of people all over the world. I can hear youngster to elderly jiving with the song every time. I confess, I listened to this song, too, but I really have gone banana when I heard the country style. It’s so amusing that I can even listen to it all day.

I just don’t know but I can’t resist a song if it’s in Country. Probably, the tune, melody, the artist may be, or simply the lyrics. But whatever it is, Country will always be part of my system no matter what. Just like Barbara Mandrell, I was country when Country wasn’t cool.

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