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Dance Along With Country Sisters’ ACHY BREAKY HEART

Dance Along With Country Sisters' ACHY BREAKY HEART 1
Country Sisters (Youtube)

The Country Sisters have been a fan favorite performing all over Europe. They have been nailing the stage for nearly 40 years, but with the latest line-up, they are stronger than ever. Based in the Czech Republic, the Country Sisters have been known for their high energy shows and unique entertainment. Most recently becoming a Youtube phenomenon, the Country Sisters kicked off the 2012 season with 3 new band members and started attracting new audiences around the world.

Cowgirls by heart

Despite their extensive dancing during shows, they always sing and play live. They only use pre-recorded drums, though. As the bandleader Sonia explains:

“We used to have a drummer but it’s a long time ago. We had a couple of drummer boys and drummer girls but we were never satisfied. Also, we found out that a drummer ruins our vocals. It was impossible to hear ourselves from the speakers because the drummer was always howling us down.”

Dance Along With Country Sisters' ACHY BREAKY HEART 2
Country Sisters (Youtube)

Although the band was founded in 1973, the girls usually stay in the band for 5-6 years until they want to settle down. This year they introduced 3 new band members who immediately stole hearts of the fans.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have great players and singers in the band, both old and new. But girls don’t remain girls forever. As usual when there’s a change in the band, we’re both sad and happy. We’re sad to say goodbye and miss the girls we played with in some many places and traveled with thousands of kilometers. We’re happy to introduce the new girls and we look forward to brand new experiences and fun. Every change always brings us new encouragement, improvement and new energy,” says Sonia.

Dominating the world

Over the years the Country Sisters have played in 30 countries including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Austria, Scottland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and Canada.

They have received numerous prestigious awards such as the Country Circle magazine award (Germany) for the Country Live Act 2003 and the highest rated fan favorite act at the Canadian Merritt Mountain festival in 2006.

Currently, in the middle of the touring season, the Country Sisters are thrilled to bring their signature live shows to fans all over Europe.

Watch the group’s sizzling performance of Billy Ray CyrusACHY BREAKY HEART.


Country Girls

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