September 8

Country Music Songwriter Don Schlitz Prepares for Hall Of Fame Induction


A school dropout at the age of 20, Don Schlitz only had $80 dollars in his pocket and the hope of becoming a songwriter. It may have taken a while but some big names in the country music industry noticed his talent, like Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis and Garth Brooks.

Don Schlitz sure knows the feeling of success when your song is a hit and sang by great country singers. The song “The Gambler” was made famous by the great Kenny Rogers, but the lyrics of the song was penned and came from the wonderful mind of Don Schlitz. The song was released in 1978 and is still alive up to this date.

“Used to be that’s my favorite song, then my dad’s favorite song. Now it’s my grandfather’s favorite song,” Schlitz said.

Out of all the songs written by Schlitz, 24 made it to No. 1 spot and 50 in top 10 Grammy Awards and hits just keep on coming. He has sung the songs thousands of times and said they never get old.

“Why would anybody get tired of singing a song that was a song they wrote that they wanted to hear?” Schlitz said.

The singer gets the fanfare and the fame. It’s quieter for the writer.

“I could stand there for two or three hours and no one knows who I am,” Schlitz said. “And you know, that’s great. That’s great.”

Next month, Don Schlitz will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame alongside Alan Jackson and Jerry Reed.

We can say that Don Schlitz is of the greatest when it comes to writing country songs. It is just right to have him in the Country Music Hall of Fame because he also has a great contribution in country music.

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