August 24

5 Encouraging Country Music Moments That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Being a famous singer or performer is not always about the glitz and glamour. At times, being a widely recognized and respected artist is more significantly defined by the heart and soul that our idols reflect their fans.

Since they are constantly bombarded by interviews, tours, and paparazzi left and right, it’s not every day that our country favorites get to share a moment with the people who support them the most. As such, we, as spectators, also find it magical when we are able to capture such rare moments even in the midst of their hectic schedules.

Here are some of the most memorable and heartwarming moments of some  of our favorite country artists that will undoubtedly make your day:

5. Brad Paisley helps out a fan on his wedding proposal

Lately, country concerts have seemingly been chosen as one of the perfect backdrops for surprise wedding proposals. But out of all the proposals conducted during country singers’ performances, Brad Paisley’s would have to be a true standout. During one of his concerts, Brad Paisley turns the spotlight on a man and his girlfriend. He invites the two on stage and allows them to dance with each other while he sang his sweet, acoustic rendition of ‘Then’. He serenades and soothes the crowd’s hearts until he finally reveals mid-song that it was all according to the boyfriend’s grand plan. The lovestruck guy wanted to propose to his girlfriend. The lady immediately answers “Yes” to the proposal, and the audience began singing along with Paisley as he continued with his singing.

4. Keith Urban visits an Australian hospital and serenades patients with ‘Amazing Grace’

The patients at the Monash Children’s Hospital were super lucky after Keith Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman paid them a surprise visit one bright, sunshiny day. Surrounded by the hospital’s patients and staff, Keith Urban performed Amazing Grace as he gracefully strummed his acoustic guitar. Not long after, Urban began urging Nicole Kidman to take the lead for the second verse. Before they realized it, Urban’s mini-performance naturally and quickly transformed into a fantastic group sing-a-long. Although it was a simple melodic moment shared by Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman with the patients and hospital staff, it was enough to make everyone exchange such warm, beautiful smiles with each other.

3. Kenny Chesney cries in the middle of performing “Better As Memory”

Fans were definitely taken aback after Kenny Chesney loses all control and bursts out crying while he sang Better As Memory in one of his concerts. Known as someone who is generally a laid-back, go-with-the-flow, beach lover kinda guy, watching tears fall from Chesney’s eyes was truly a rare sight. What made Chesney’s sudden breakdown more perplexing was the undefined reason behind it. Some fans speculated his recent divorce with Renee Zellweger as the root cause. Whatever the reason for Chesney’s sentimental outburst, he sure felt the love from his fans when they helped him get through that particular song number by singing the lyrics with him.

2. Miranda Lambert shares a touching, tear-jerking moment onstage

Back when Miranda Lambert was performing her emotionally-charged hit track, Over You, Lambert turns on the waterworks for her fans after she approaches a woman from her audience. The woman, who happened to be battling cancer, was surprised after the country singer walked across the stage and took her hand in hers. While Lambert did not give the woman a hug or a quick selfie, she gripped her fan’s hand and did not let go as she continued to sing. But the darling Miranda Lambert was no iron wall—for she found herself breaking down in tears and unable to continue on singing her own. Thankfully, her fans were all there to her rescue.

Over You was co-written by Lambert with her husband, Blake Shelton. It was about the untimely demise of Shelton’s brother.

1. Garth Brooks serenades a fan with cancer

At number one is Garth Brooks’ heartwarming gesture to a brave fan who was stricken with cancer. In one of his sold-out concerts, Brooks sang The Dance and noticed a woman on the front row who held a sign that referenced the said song. Zoning in on his lovely fan, Brooks then sat as he sang, before finally stopping mid-chorus to give his guitar to the woman. Then, he gives her a big hug and a fist pump to give her a boost in motivation to continue fighting for her life.

All the beautiful moments mentioned above just prove that some artists, no matter how far fame and talent can bring them, remain grounded, humble, and attuned to the people surrounding them.


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