October 29

Country Music Legends Deliver a Heavenly “I’ll Fly Away”

In a night of music collaboration, the show host John Denver shared the stage with fellow country legends Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, Glen Campbell, and Mary Kay Place in singing the gospel classic “I’ll Fly Away.” The night was all fair and presented talents from every artist. This get-together of these artists was televised in 1977.

The Star-Studded Collaboration

Joining Denver were big names in the industry. And, it was a night worthy of reckoning with. The collaboration performance featured Johnny Cash’s deep, echoing voice harmonizing to the gospel jam. Meanwhile, Roger Miller’s and Glen Campbell’s vocals smoothly pleased everyone in the room. Mary Kay Place, on the other hand, channeled her soprano voice to balance out the masculine tone. Her performance was not overshadowed by the male-dominated production.

The legends specifically chose to perform the all-time favorite gospel tune, “I’ll Fly Away.” Written by Albert E. Brumley in 1929, the hymn was published in 1932 as a part of the collection known as Wonderful Message.

As beautiful as its melody is, the song centers on the important topics including eternal life, heaven, and acceptance. Additionally, it is a classic bluegrass standard and has been performed by a lot of people often in funerals. The message of the song has touched many people, and so the idea of everlasting life is heavily referenced.

So when given a chance to perform the song together, these artists did not think twice but to take a moment to deliver a well-loved gospel hymn. Singing alternately, each artist was given a chance to show his or her vocal ability and uniqueness. Overall, the performance received massive applause from the crowd. The heavenly feeling will surely bring you back to church. Truly, the legends took this timeless tune and made it into a superb and beautiful piece, maintaining its message and meaning.

Check out Denver, Cash, Miller, Campbell, and Place brilliantly render “I’ll Fly Away:”


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