December 6

Country Legend Randy Travis’ Footage of DWI Was Released

Country Legend Randy Travis' Footage of DWI Was Released 1

First of all, I’d like to say that I am a big fan of Randy Travis and I support him whatever happens. It was sad that he had to fight a battle with his privacy in his condition and unfortunately it was a lost battle.

It’s really hard to be the bearer of bad news but here is the detail of what happened. The Country Music Hall of Famer’s DUI arrest video was officially released after Texas judge Sam Sparks denied Randy Travis’ request to keep it private.

Troopers said that the country music legend was found lying naked in the road near his home after wrecking his 1998 Trans Am. His blood alcohol content was reported twice the legal limit.

At the beginning of the video, an officer is heard speaking to his partner:

“I want to prepare you for something. The naked man sitting in the back of the truck is Randy Travis.”

After his arrest, Randy Travis went to court and filed a lawsuit in September 2017 to try to keep the video from going public, claiming it was a violation of his privacy rights.

The lawsuit said the footage was highly embarrassing, intimate and inappropriate to release because Travis “can no longer speak cogently and is not even in the position to discuss, let alone defend his previous actions.”

Sparks ordered that the video be released after Travis was unable to provide “actionable constitutional claims.”

“This case is about the rights of all Americans to have their most personal moments that happen to be videotaped, occurring after a concussion or a physical injury or a mental health breakdown, remain private where they should be,” Marty Cirkiel, Travis’ attorney said.

The Country Music Hall of Fame singer and Grammy winner ushered in a wave of neo-traditional singers like Alan Jackson, Clint Black and Brooks and Dunn in the 1990s and had hits with songs like “Forever And Ever, Amen.” But, he suffered a stroke in 2013 that has left him with limited ability to speak.

In life, we have ups and down, and even though this happened to him, we still support Randy Travis. We in Country Daily hope that there are people out there who will look at him and think of the good things that he did in the past, greater than this negative action that he did. After this unfortunate event happened in his life, we still wish him the best and we will not change as a fan and continue loving him.

For those who’re looking for the footage, we will not post it here because we also believe that it is inappropriate and we will not continue to disgrace the great Randy Travis.


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