September 8

Once Country, Keepin’ It Country, Forever Country!


Playing the above music video prompted me to write a personal piece.

Having lived in a home nestled on mountain ridges, one would have lots of exposure to tons of folk and country music. Naturally, I have come to embrace and love them. Pre-internet age, we would save up our hard-earned money just so we could buy song hits magazines. Come dusk and sundown, we would huddle around the fireplace. We’ll take turns playing the guitar, singing our favorite country songs, and just enjoy our common love for country music.

Then time came to move to the urban. New place with new people just meant then that they won’t share your affinity with Country. Sometimes, you couldn’t help but feel a bit weird out when you hear people’s derogatory comments like it’s so “old-school”, too “twangy,” depressing, hilarious, and the like.

Funny, because I also find it weird that these people like, I mean love all types of music, but NOT Country? So to fit in, I started listening to other music genres from pop to slow-rock to metal heads. Some were nice and decent. The rest sounded crappy. (No offense! Just doing real talk yeah?)

I didn’t have to shove down their throats my interest in Country though. While they play their own music, I play mine. To the curious bunch, I’ll have them introduced to my favorite singers and their songs. Countless times, I have to explain what’s good with Country. To them, it’s ‘boring’ due to the lack of upbeat or metallic sounds.

Once Country, Keepin’ It Country, Forever Country! 1

Well, I’m a country girl and I grew up listening to these songs. They speak of our homes; our family lives with all the love, values and faith. We’ve got some for patriotism and kinship as well. What is there to dislike? Another upside is that they make me think and reflect. I couldn’t do that with head-banging noise music. Sorry, but I gave other music genre a chance and they fell short. Still a country-bumpkin here!


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