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September Birthday Bash: Country Artists Celebrating This Month

It’s a brand new month—and that only means a fresh time for new beginnings, new challenges, and more opportunities to make a positive difference in the world. But months aren’t only defined by the new set of days that each have to offer. We’re talking about all the candle-blowing, and surprises that await the birthday celebrants!

Aside from welcoming a new school year for children across the U.S., September also has quite a long list of celebrants from the Country Music department. From the 1800’s up to the 1990’s, a whole lot of legendary and even fresh new faces in country were born this month. Check out our list below and mark your calendars, too! This way you won’t miss out on your idol’s very special day.

  1. Angaleena Presley

Born Angaleena Loletta McCoy Presley, the member of the female country trio Pistol Annies was born in Sept. 1, 1976, in Martin County, Ky.

  1. Charlie Robison

The country music singer-songwriter was born in Texas on September 1, 1964. He recently turned 53.

  1. Conway Twitty

The late Conway Twitty, the country artist we know for his successes in country, rock and roll, pop, and RnB, would have been celebrating his 84th birthday this year.

  1. Boxcar Willie

Boxcar Willie was born on September 1, 1931. It’s not yet too late to send him your birthday wishes through your prayers!

  1. Paul Deakin

The band Maverick’s drummer just turned 58 last September 2. He was born in Miami, Florida.

  1. Tompall Glaser

The late outlaw country music artist, Tompall Glaser, was born on September 3, 1933 in Spalding, Nebraska.

  1. Don Potter

Judds’ guitarist, Don Potter, was born on September 4, 1946. He is widely known as “the man who created the Judds’ sound.”

  1. Mel McDaniel

The late singer with the chart-topping hits in the 1980’s will be rejoicing his birthday in heaven on September 6, 1942.

  1. Buddy Miller

Sharing Mel McDaniel’s birth month and birth day is the Fairborn, Ohio-native, Buddy Miller. He turns 63 on September 6!

  1. David Allan Coe

Songwriter and outlaw music singer David Allan Coe is also born on Sept. 6, 1939. He is from Akron, Ohio.

  1. Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline, the talented, globally renowned and beloved country singer, whose colorful life was stolen in a tragic plane crash is supposed to be turning 85 on Sept. 8.

  1. Jimmie Rodgers

The rhythmic yodeler from the 20th century will be a birthday celebrant on Sept. 8, 1897.

  1. Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes debuted in 2011 and he is among the fresh faces in country music. He’s surely looking forward to more good vibes especially for his upcoming birthday on Sept. 9.

  1. Charles Kelley

Lady Antebellum’s singer-songwriter Charles Burgess Kelley will be turning 36 on September 11. He was born in Augusta, Georgia.

  1. Jennifer Nettles

The Georgia-born lively singer from the hit duo Sugarland is set to celebrate another year of her life this coming Sept. 12.

  1. George Jones

Fans will surely commemorate the late George Jones from Saratoga Texas. His birthday is on Sept. 12.

  1. Bill Monroe

Born on Sept. 3, 1911, in Rosine, KY is Bluegrass king, Bill Monroe.

  1. John Berry

John Berry will be blowing 58 birthday candles on Sept. 14. We’re wondering what kind of celebration he will be having.

  1. Roy Acuff

Born in Maynardville, Tennessee is country singer Roy Acuff whose birthday is on Sept. 15.

  1. Terry McBride

The lead vocalist and bass guitarist of the band McBride & the Ride was born on Sept. 16, 1958. He is from  Austin, Texas.

  1. David Bellamy

David Bellamy of the Bellamy Brothers, who is still enjoying his peaceful joyful life at present, will be adding another happy year to his life on Sept. 16.

  1. Hank Williams

If not for Hank Williams’ untimely demise, he would be joining the country artists we see today in celebrating their birthdays this September. Williams would have turned 94 on the 17th.

  1. Greg Leisz

Another talented country artists who happens to be a September birthday celebrant is Greg Leisz. He will be 28 years old on the 18th.

  1. Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks must be cooking up a wonderful surprise for his wife, Trisha Yearwood, for she will be rejoicing in another year of her life on her birthday. Yearwood was born on Sept. 19, 1964.

  1. Helen Carter

Maybelle Carter’s eldest daughter, Helen Carter was also born on September. Her birth date is Sept. 19, 1927.

  1. Faith Hill

The beautiful country singer and record producer from Ridgeland, Mississippi was born on Sept. 21, 1967. You’ve got 14 days more to plan for her surprise birthday bash, Faith Hill fans!

27. Ray Charles

Albany-born country singer-songwriter, musician, and composer Ray Charles would have celebrated his 87th birthday on the 23rd of September.

28. Lynn Anderson

Fans and family members will surely be remembering the late Lynn Anderson on her birthday on September 26.

  1. David Frizzell

David Frizzell, amazing country artist from El Dorado is set to commemorate the date of his birth on Sept. 26.

  1. Marty Stuart

The last September birthday celebrant on our list is Marty Stuart. He will be 59 on Sept. 30.

Prepare your gifts and letters for your country idols now so you can wish them well on their special day!


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