November 28

An Amen to “Count It All Joy” by Susie McEntire

Owing to its title from a statement by the apostle James in the New Testament, Count It All Joy is our song for perseverance and enduring faith.

Brought to us by Susie McEntire, the said song is just what we needed to sustain positive energy within ourselves. An equally talented country singer like her sister, Reba, Susie chose to channel her God-given talent through Gospel music. While some have sung of praise, and some their testimonies, Susie preferred another route. Like the Carter Family, she opted for her songs to be about Christian values, family, and the love shared with Jesus.

“Count It All Joy” by  Susie McEntire.

Once again, let us tell ourselves to count all our present trials as joy not because we are blind optimists, but because through them, our desire for the things that are of God’s increases, while that of the world decreases. Patience and humility will no longer be mere Christianist words we think and say, but they become a reality in us. The grand end? We become like our Lord, Jesus. Remember the Potter and clay analogy?

At present, the arduous process of being shaped, folded, put through fire, and chipped by our heavenly Father’s hands sound awful and depressing. Still, don’t panic. As Susie sang, God will not give us more than we could bear. If it helps, try to see yourself as the end product; one whose character closely resembles that of Jesus’. And why do we need a Christlike character? Well, for one, God casts us from his image. No thanks to sin and our depraved nature, we corrupted that image that has been so graciously granted us. So what does God intend to do to us? Recreate us to our original design that was expressed through the life and example of Jesus.


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