conway twitty i see the want in your eyes

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When the love is gone no matter how long two people have been together, it will usually result in something bad. Relationships like this one could end up in cheating or in doing something else. However, in some relationships even if the love has been gone people still manage to work things out or sometimes endure being in a relationship that is not working out.

“I See the Want To in Your Eyes’” Meaning

Conway Twitty said it all in his song “I See the Want To in Your Eyes.” The single is about a man trying to seduce a woman he knows that is already married. He can see it in the way she looks at him that she is not happy with her marriage that she wants to do something careless. The man knows that it is wrong to seduce her thus, he gave her an option to leave if she is unsure of her thoughts.

Conway Twitty’s Version of the Song

“I See the Want To in Your Eyes” is a song first recorded by country singer Gary Ronnie Stewart. His recording did not make it to the Billboard chart and it did not achieve much attention. When Conway recorded the song, it reached the No. 1 spot of the Billboard Country Songs chart in 1974. Conway recorded “I See the Want To in Your Eyes” when he heard Stewart’s version. It was the right decision to record it because he earned his eleventh No. 1 because of the song. In addition, Mischa Scorer and Wayne Carson wrote the song. Conway’s single was produced by Owen Bradley. The song became a part of Conway’s album I’m Not Through Loving You Yet.


Conway performed the song on the show That Good Ole Nashville Music in 1974. The American show is now known as That Nashville Music. The show invites country singers to sing their famous songs. Moreover, the performance of Conway was featured in one episode of the Family Guy.

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