May 18

Conway Twitty’s “Suppertime” is All About Nourishing our Soul

conway twitty suppertime

Everybody loves Conway Twitty’s soulful voice, and no matter what he sings it will always be amazing. Whether it be a country, R&B, or a gospel song, everything Twitty sings is worth listening to.  He released a gospel album entitled Clinging to a Saving Hand in 1973. His Country/Gospel album entered the US Billboard Top Country Albums at No. 13 in 1974. It remained on the chart for a total of 20 weeks.

Conway Twitty’s Version of “Suppertime”

“Suppertime” was written by Ira F. Stanphill. It was recorded by a few country singers like Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash and also Conway Twitty. Twitty had two gospel albums that included this song. Who Will Pray for Me, which didn’t make it to the Billboard charts, and Clinging to a Saving Hand/Steal Away entered the Billboard chart. Both albums were released in 1973 under MCA records.

The Meaning of the Song

This song brings back memories of childhood times when our parents used to call us when it’s suppertime. We stop whatever we are doing and run straight inside the house ready to fill our stomachs with the delicious foods our mama’s prepared for us. Although sometimes we are too busy not wanting to stop what we are doing. Our mothers would have to scream out our names for the nth time. Such beautiful memories and days back then, isn’t it?

However, the song also has another meaning. Like our mothers patiently calling us to have dinner, God patiently calls us to follow Him and let His words fill not only our stomachs but our hearts and souls. Just like the bread we eat to make us satisfied, so is God’s love and words are to our heart and soul. Therefore, when you hear God calling do not hesitate to respond to it. His calling is important for our survival, because without God we may get lost in this world we are living in.

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