January 22

Seeking Mom’s Power: Conway Twitty’s “Who Will Pray For Me”

Seeking Mom's Power: Conway Twitty's "Who Will Pray For Me" 1

The thought of having someone praying for you gives your heart a warming feel. So, what if the person you knew who’s communicating with God your welfare is gone? That would certainly shatter your heart into pieces. Here is a touching song from Conway Twitty that speaks of his angst the moment his beloved mother left. It’s specifically for the reason that nobody’s going to be connecting him with the Heavenly Father.

A Man Who Finds Hope Through His Mom’s Prayer

From the lyrics, we can see a son with a troubled life. But thanks to his mom who loves him so much and tried redirecting his path to God through prayer. It concerned him then thinking what his life would become when his mom is no longer around.

It seems like his life depends so much on his mom’s prayer that her absence would mean the end of everything for him.

The lyrics go,

My rough rowdy ways have kept me from his grace

But there’s hope for me ‘cause mama’s faith is strong

She’s the only hope I’ve got to keep me in touch with God

But who’ll pray for me when mama’s gone?

Who’ll pray for me when mama’s gone?

Who’ll ask Hid forgiveness from then on?

Who’ll care enough to talk to God?

When her pleading voice has stopped

Who’ll pray for me when mama’s gone?

 I guess I’m too weak to fall down on my knees

And talk to God like a man on my own

He knows who I am, she mentions me to him

But who’ll pray for me when mama’s gone?


Behind the song’s meaningful lyrics are two great songwriters, Darrell Statler and Lorene Allen. “Who Will Pray For Me” was recorded for the album with a title similar to the song’s and released in 1973.

If you liked the lyrics, you’ll definitely love listening to its video below too.



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