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Conway Twitty’s No. 1 Song in 1975: “Linda On My Mind”


conway twitty linda on my mind

Linda On My Mind”, was written and performed by Conway Twitty in 1975. A sad song that will break your heart if you were with someone who is in love with another person. Twitty’sLinda On My Mind” keep people questioning who Linda is  Twitty never gave direct answers to the question. Aside from being a good song, the song top the charts because people keep wondering who Linda is. This made the song and the album able to climb the top of the charts.

Linda On My Mind” No. 1 Song

“Linda On My Mind” peaked at No. 61 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, in 1975 for 8 weeks. Furthermore, it peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs, in 1975 for 14 weeks. His song “Linda On My Mind” is the number 1 track in his album Linda On My Mind. The album Linda On My Mind peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums, in 1975, and remained on top for 27 weeks.

The Song’s Content

Who is Linda? Whoever Linda is, she must be a lucky girl in the story of the song. The narrator is with someone else. He’s married to the woman he is living with, but his mind is with a woman named Linda. Linda might be his past lover who got away. It is very tragic to be with someone who is not in love with you the way you love them.

Sometimes it’s better to think twice before marrying someone if you are still in love with someone else. It’s not a good thing to use other people to ease the pain of your past or people to save you. The woman in the song is aware that the narrator is in love with another woman. It’s so sad that the woman still stays with her man even if she knows that the narrator never loves her the way he loves Linda.

Here is Conway Twitty’s number one song in 1975.


conway twitty, linda on my mind

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