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WATCH AGAIN: Conway Twitty Sings “Hello Darlin'” at Hee Haw Show

WATCH AGAIN: Conway Twitty Sings "Hello Darlin'" at Hee Haw Show 1
Conway Twitty |Photo Credits:

Known for his love country ballads, Conway Twitty, and his performances would never be complete without him singing one of his signature hits, “Hello Darlin’.” This 1970 song of Conway has already been a music standard in his concerts. It certainly is the song that rings a bell whenever the name Conway Twitty comes out rolling.

In his concerts, Conway would usually open the shows with “Hello Darlin’” making his army of fans swoon to every melody of the entire song. As a matter of fact, Conway secured his fourth number one hit with this song on the Billboard Hot Country Singles in 1970. And to add, the sweetness of the song becomes even more tasteful whenever Loretta Lynn sings it with Conway. Gone are those days but the memories of the Loretta-Conway duet will always be missed.

WATCH AGAIN: Conway Twitty Sings "Hello Darlin'" at Hee Haw Show 2
Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty |Photo Credits:

In a rare video footage, Conway Twitty performs “Hello Darlin’” live on TV in one of the episodes of Hee Haw on October 16, 1971. As usual, he made every single lady fall in love again as he croons this love ballad.

“Hello Darlin'” Speaks of a Failed Relationship

Enough has been said, the song speaks a lot of emotions about the man’s longing for the love of his partner — his darling. Obviously, it resulted in a failed relationship because of the line:

“I can’t sleep and I cry all night ‘till dawn.”

As the years passed by, “Hello Darlin’” grew even more and catapulted to great fame and success. Hence, many other artists took interest in rendering their own versions. Interestingly, George Jones released a version of him on his album, High Tech Redneck in 1993. It was a tribute in memory of the great Conway Twitty who passed away early in the same year.

In addition, other artists like Lynn Anderson, Wanda Jackson, Charlie Pride, Charlie Rich, and lately, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery covered this spectacular song. As it influenced many people — in love and heartbroken alike, “Hello Darlin’” resonates the hearts of those who recognize that this is a bittersweet hymn of breakup stories.

WATCH Conway Twitty performs one of his popular hits, “Hello Darlin'” live on TV:

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