June 4

Oh Dear Lord, “Lead Us Back To Love” By Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty

Hatred causes people to separate the once pure love they have. Their hearts have been occupied with detestation. Unity has been divided from country to country and people are already despising each other. Also, there is doubt and disrespect that is prevalent nowadays. With this, the only means to get back to the way it used to be is to pray and turn our heads back to the Lord. He is the only one who can save us from these miseries bothering us. We are all asking the dear Lord to lead us back to love.

Take time, pause for a moment and ponder. Listen to “Lead Us Back To Love” for it will pierce our hearts to believe in love through the highest Almighty. Let Conway Twitty lead you to your realization.

There is still time for a change. Let us not let love and hate to collide for at the end of the day; love will prevail. Hatred never devours the love and respect we have for each other. The Lord up above will guide us to make this world a better place to live in also a hiding place for lost souls.

The Lyrics…

“Lord Jesus, You gotta get us all back together

And lead us back to the top of Calvary once again

Show us where Your blood spilled and first made love grow

‘Cause we turned our backs on Your love a long time ago.”

Evil is all around, seeking and hunting us, but the Lord will not allow these to happen. Indeed, he will find ways to get us back together. And, our role is to help the Lord make this possible. Furthermore, let’s not entirely turn our backs to the Lord. There are ways and there is time. Let’s not wait for miracles but let’s make actions to become better human beings.

“I see people walkin’ the streets with hate in their eyes

We’ve all turned You off, Lord and let Your memory die

We’re like the men who drove nails in Your hands

Confusion lives in every woman and man

‘Cause somewhere along the way we crucified love.”

And Realizations…

People are people, we are naïve and soft, deception, and cheating can strike us anytime. These are the reason why hatred is growing within us. The Lord became our last priority; we tend to forget him due to what we are undergoing. We stop caring and discontinue talking. Nevertheless, there is still a spark of love that can breed. Let’s not kill the light.

“Will it take a miracle to wash the years of doubt from my mind

Or could we just accept this stranger Jesus, one more time

Will He have to get back on the cross and bleed

So once again we would believe

And find the love we turned our backs on a long time ago.”

Once again, the Lord is the way; he will find a way to bind us again. Forget the past and forgive. We were hurt, and we have hurt. Let’s repent and regret the things we have done. It’s the only way to find the love we turned our backs from a long time ago.


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conway twitty, Lead Us Back To Love

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