March 13

Conway Twitty Sings “I’m Already Taken” from Puppy Love

In 1981, Conway Twitty recorded the song “I’m Already Taken” for his album Mr. T.

“I’m Already Taken” is a song about love–from puppy love that eventually blossomed into real love.

In the lyrics, the story begins when the narrator hands a girl a love letter. As it talks about puppy love, it happened during their early primary school years—third grade. As we listen along, we can hear the girl’s reply saying that she is already taken. Feeling dejected, the boy has to wait.

Years have gone by and they reach junior high. The boy, who is now a man, realizes that the love he had for the girl never faded. Being aware of what he feels, he calls the girl and confesses his feelings to her. Still, the girl answers that she is already taken. For the second time, the boy needs to wait. After a while, the boy and girl have fully grown into a man and a woman.

Their paths cross again and it turns out well—they get married and have a kid of their own.

Having related this, that is the cycle of love. Someone has to wait for his turn to fall in love. But as he is still little, his first love is his parents. He has to tell other kids that they have to wait, for he is already taken.

Background of the Song

“I’m Already Taken” is a song by Steve Wariner. The country music artist co-penned and recorded the said track. Originally released in April 1978, it was his debut single that peaked at number 63 on the US Billboard country singles charts. In 1999, Wariner re-recorded the song for his album Two Teardrops. He released this re-recording in July as that album’s second single. This took him to the 3rd spot on the same chart, as well to number 42 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Wariner co-wrote the song with Bill Anderson when he was 23 years old. The rendition from Two Teardrops includes a backing vocal from his brother, Terry. At that time, Terry was singing backing vocals in Wariner’s road band.


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