November 14

Skeptics Turned Believers in Conway’s “Me and My Neighbor”

Revival and conversion stories never get old. That was the theme of “Me and My Neighbor” sang by Conway Twitty.


In one small church, the word of God was preached. Everybody, including the narrator and his neighbor, heard the sermon and were convicted.  Overjoyed, they must have shouted out loud. What was humorous was the part of the skeptic neighbor poking fun at the commotion, then shouting the loudest when he got convicted.

Isn’t that pretty common even today? Once, you were among the skeptics who scoff at people you deem as mere religious fanatics. You laugh at their practices and their foolish (by secular standard) worldviews. You said you will never be one of them. But once God intervenes and reveals himself as real and alive, you will be caught off guard. There will be a big turnaround in your mindset and ways. Guaranteed, there will be things you will say and do that you never think you would. Will you be conscious of your reputation? Not a chance! No amount of mocking will discourage you. In fact, you will just shrug them off. Let them be entitled to their baseless opinions. As for yourself, your experience becomes your greatest reality.

Another take away from the song is the dependence on the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of those who hear the gospel. There is no need for some tricks and entertainment factor in churches just so they could draw more people in. An old, fashioned yet undiluted preaching of the gospel would suffice.

Now listen to “Me and My Neighbor” by Conway Twitty. It could revitalize your waning enthusiasm for faith and spirituality.

Do you have any brief conversion stories to tell? Perhaps there were revivals you have heard of or may have been part of? Care to share the gist with us?


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