In August 2009, Reba McEntire dropped her album Keep on Loving You from which her song “Consider Me Gone” was released. The second single on her twenty-fifth studio album hit the top of the country chart, becoming her 34th No. 1 record. Today marks the ninth anniversary since the song reached the chart’s highest spot. Aside from giving the singer another No. 1 hit, it also marked several significant events in her illustrious career.

The song’s appearance on top of the chart stretched McEntire’s run of No. 1 hits to 26 years. This feat likewise indicated the country superstar’s fourth decade of scoring top hits, matching that of Dolly Parton’s. The latter had a string of No.1 records between 1970s and 2000s. Both singers hold the record for having the longest run of earning top country songs.

Moreover, “Consider Me Gone” became the first No. 1 country song performed by a female artist that wasn’t from Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift since 2005. It was Sara Evans who held the top position that time with her single “Real Fine Place to Start.” Between McEntire and Evans’ chart-topping period, Underwood and Taylor had fiercely competed for the highest spot. The contemporary country music singers scored eight and four No. 1 singles, respectively.

Photo credit: Reba McEntire/Official Facebook Page

The Strong Woman Song

The Queen of Country described “Consider Me Gone” as a strong woman’s song. This is basically based on the lyrical content of it. Steve Diamond and Marv Green penned the lyrics which talked about men’s inattentiveness. And because of that, their partners ended up seeking some power in a relationship.

The Oklahoma-native singer believed that many women out there could relate to the female character in the song; she experienced being ignored by her husband when he comes home from work. He doesn’t want to talk but they eventually ended up having a confrontation. She knows he’s tired from work but he didn’t realize that she’s been busy taking care of the kids and doing household chores, too.

But this didn’t stop her from carrying on with her life, even without him. McEntire pointed out the lack of communication as one of the factors ruining most relationships ever since. Just listen to the song below and if you’ve been into that kind of relationship, you’ll find the tune relatable.

The Writing of the Song

One of the authors of the song, Steve Diamond, shared to The Boot the story of how he and Green came up with it. He said that it started with just strumming a few chords, then the first line came out, and then the melody. They were almost finished with the whole song except for the title which they could not decide on yet. But eventually, everything fell into place and the next day, they already have something.

Diamond further stated that he and his pal were surprised when McEntire liked their song and went on to record it. And they were even more thrilled when their song became a big hit.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Reba heard it and loved it. It’s mind-blowing to us, because Reba is such an icon and her hits are going to be as big as hits could ever be.”