April 13

Connie Smith & The Sullivans in “When Jesus Passed By”

 The song says you’ll feel his Holy Presence.

And what would you say once you stand before his presence? Naturally, you’d want him to bless you and right you are! The hymn goes further to say though that you can ask him for more like the following:

hear your cry,

 answer your prayers,

 bring you peace,

 heal your broken heart

 give you a brand new start,

 feel his love

 and thank him for everything.

This is one of those hymns that is rarely heard or sung today. It took a while for me to find a copy of its lyrics. So for your meditation and listening pleasure, don’t forget to bookmark our site and share the song with your kin.

Now for the hymn’s interpretation, here’s Ms. Connie Smith with the Sullivan Family.

Our Sweetheart of Grand Ole Opry, Connie Smith

Connie Smith & The Sullivans in “When Jesus Passed By” 1

Besides being the Rolls-Royce of Country singers, the King of Country, Roy Acuff christened her with the above title. Her powerhouse voice is easily recognizable even today.

Following her stardom in the mainstream, Connie proceeded to release Christian-themed albums. That decision came naturally to her after being born again in the spring of 1968.

Her parents weren’t Christians so she didn’t have a Christian upbringing. But when she came to Nashville, she met Hank Snow’s son, Jimmy Rogers Snow. He introduced her to their church and did TV Easter program with them. Snow then led her to know the Lord after the program. She started going to church since.

Connie states that Jesus did not just save her spiritually. He saved her life as well. As a celebrity, she was trying so hard to be perfect to the point of killing herself. But when she found the Lord, his love liberated her from all her strivings.

Love the song? Pass it on. 


Connie Smith, Hymns, The Sullivans

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