February 26

CONNIE SMITH: Country Music’s Cinderella Story

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Funny, Old Jack here suddenly feels like talking about Love and Heartache.

“…beautiful truly is love and to be in love.”

Well, beautiful truly is love and to be in love. Everything feels great, smells great and (even) tastes great. Every waking day is thrilling. It feels like Spring every single day, every second of the day.

But then when you fall out of it, what’s next? What happens?

As I say, “Life isn’t all rosy.” And part of it is having them sort of relationships. Yep, it shorely hurts. Hurts so bad that you feel like dying or you’re already dead. So lousy is it that you’d even start getting catatonic: Not doin’ much the whole day, lying around, not eatin’ right an’ such. Just plain lousy!

You know, I actually coined a phrase during one of them times I had my share of heartbreak:

“It ain’t Love if it don’t hurt.”

Yup, true love and losing your True Love hurts a huge bunch. I guess that is why there a quite a number of country songs about it and about suicide. Why? Heck, some of us just can’t handle the pain and suffering it gives that they just give up. Take it all away. Escapism to the highest level but hey, it’s a reality and that’s Love.

Love could shore make us real crazy. Do crazy things even to that Point of No Return. Tough but true. Yep, Life could be real rough at times; even Love.

Well, to cap it off and as a Special Treat to y’all, it is my pleasure to present to you—Connie Smith!


This is Our Kind of Country,

May y’all be Safe and Well and…



Connie Smith, the hurtin's all over

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