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LISTEN: Connie Francis’ Impeccable Cover of “Tennessee Waltz”

Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero or just popularly known as Connie Francis is an American top-charting pop singer in the 1950’s and 1960’s. She has produced and released massive hits including rock and roll, country pop and jazz songs during her stardom. With her sweet and soothing voice, she classically sings any song conveying the right emotion and command.

LISTEN: Connie Francis' Impeccable Cover of "Tennessee Waltz" 1
Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero a.k.a. Connie Francis |Photo Credits: discogs.com

Moreover, Connie Francis is also known for rendering her own versions of classic songs. One of her most famous covers is her rendition of Patti Page’s 1948 hit “Tennessee Waltz.” She recorded and released it as a pop song in 1959. It was a well-executed version perfect for Francis’ voice herself. Although, the beat and melody are identical with the original, Francis, with her voice, still delivered a song that is fresh and pleasing to the ears. Indeed, she made it as if it was her own.

LISTEN to Connie Francis’ impeccable version of Patti Page’s “Tennessee Waltz:”

“Tennessee Waltz:” An Official Song of Tennessee

A country music hit in the late 1940’s, “Tennessee Waltz” came into existence thanks to its songwriter Redd Stewart and Wisconsinite music composer Pee Wee King. The song was originally recorded and popularized by Oklahoman country-pop artist Patti Page. Officially released in January 1948, “Tennessee Waltz” became a chart-topper. In fact, it sold a multi-million recording in many countries around the world.

LISTEN: Connie Francis' Impeccable Cover of "Tennessee Waltz" 2
Patti Page |Photo Credits: rateyourmusic.com

The story behind “Tennessee Waltz” talks about a woman dancing with her man when she an old friend. She then introduced her to her man and then both became comfortable with each other. As the night falls, the two (her friend and her man) danced the Tennessee waltz more often than the couple did. At the end of the night, her friend stole her sweetheart from her.

After its release and airing on the radio, country music fans began playing it more often in their homes. Especially in the state of Tennessee, almost every household consider the song as a state hymn. Hence, in 1965, about 17 years after the song’s release, “Tennessee Waltz” became the fourth official song of Tennessee.

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