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Connie Francis: “Stupid Cupid” Stop Picking on Me

Connie Francis: "Stupid Cupid" Stop Picking on Me 1
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About the Song

A classic song in the late 1950’s, “Stupid Cupid” was crafted by two great American songwriters of their time, Howard Greenfield and Neil Sedaka in 1958. It was eventually popularized and made big by American pop star Connie Francis.

Initially, “Stupid Cupid” was intended to be performed by a girl group. Sedaka was just a 19-year-old lad when he co-penned this with Greenfield. At first, he was hesitant to hand the song to Francis because he thought that the song was too childish for her. In fact, when the song made its way to Francis, she was delighted and said that she found a hit single. True enough, “Stupid Cupid” became Sedaka’s first of the many Billboard Hot 100 hits.

“Stupid Cupid:” A Hit for Connie Francis

During the mid-50’s, Connie Francis‘ music career was going low and hit after hit was tried to produce but none of them materialized. In the spring of 1958, Francis finally found her hit with the rock ballad version of “Who’s Sorry Now?” However, her success was just short-lived and efforts of trying to bring her back to the limelight started to fade.

Connie Francis: "Stupid Cupid" Stop Picking on Me 2
Connie Francis |Photo Credits: mfwright.com

In an interview, Francis recalled that time when she had almost lost hope:

“I knew I had to come up with a hit on the third record. It was crucial. I listened to every publisher’s song in New York, but nothing was hitting me.”

A Game-changer in Francis’ Career

Fortunately, Don Kirshner of Aldon Music along with Greenfield and Sedaka paid Francis a visit at her home. Ultimately, they pitched the songs that they thought would best suit the voice of the pop star. However, Francis and her close friend Bobby Darin thought that the songs were slow, and are densely ballad that doesn’t appeal to pop and teenage market. Furthermore, Francis remarked if they had a faster and an uptempo song. Greenfield then asked Sedaka to play “Stupid Cupid.” At first, Sedaka really intended the for the Shepherd Sisters. He even argued that a classy lady like Francis would be insulted had she sung such a puerile tune. Nonetheless, Greenfield slammed Sedaka’s argument and said:

“Neil, listen. What have we got to lose, she hates everything we wrote, doesn’t she? Play it already!”

Hence, Sedaka immediately played the song and by the time Francis just hear a few lines, she started jumping out and exclaimed:

“That’s it! You guys got my next record! ‘Stupid Cupid,’ what a smash, it was even a hit title! There was no way it could miss even if the song was bad. There are such things as hit titles and this was one.”

LISTEN to Connie Francis naughty but cute 1958 classic hit “Stupid Cupid:”

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