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When A Gospel Group Performed A Christian Song Comically

What would have been a jubilant yet thoughtful delivery of a spiritual song has turned into an amusing performance when the singers added comedy into it. The Southern gospel music quartet who called themselves as The Kingsmen cut the traditional singing of spiritual song with this comic rendition of “I’ve Got That Old Time Religion.” On the clip below, we can see the members poking fun at the pianist while singing the song. Instead of getting upset, he joined the group’s playful acts and even turned it into a comedy show. Watch the video below to have a good laugh.

Previously, we’ve featured the song (Give Me That) Old Time Religionperformed in one of Johnny Cash’s show episodes. Such performance of the song was indeed joyful. Now, this Hurdist Milsap penned hymn seemed to be an answer song to the previous one. And again, its delivery is fun-filled. It gives us the idea that having Jesus Christ in our life makes us truly happy. That said, let’s have some thoughts about the song’s text.

Reflections On the Lyrics

The song’s first stanza is packed with joy and reverence. “I’m glad Jesus came, glory to His name.” Beyond it is a deeper expression of gratitude for the most precious gift ever given to human beings – Jesus Christ. In addition, these lines may have been inspired by God’s greatest manifestation of His love to mankind as stated in the book of John (3:16).

The chorus exudes an overflowing bliss of having that old time religion in the heart of the narrator. To clarify, we’ll make use of preacher Bob Deffinbaugh’s (2009) description of the “old-time religion” being the only true religion. Accordingly, Deffinbaugh referred to such concept as a personal faith in Jesus Christ as the Mediator of the New Covenant by means of His once-for-all-sacrifice for our sins at Calvary. Thus, saying “I’ve got that old time religion in my heart,” means you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

I’ve got that old time religion in my heart
Way down inside
I’ve got a new kind of feeling in my heart
True joy abides
Nobody knows what it means to me
Nobody knows but my Lord and me
I’ve got that old time religion in my heart
Way down inside

On the second stanza, a further description of Jesus was presented. Furthermore, the mention of His ability to renew everyone’s life from sins and trouble was emphasized. Lastly, the third verse encourages all sinners to turn to Him and they’ll find eternal happiness and seamless peace.

Sinners, won’t you now humbly to Him bow 

Just let the Lord come in 

You’ll find perfect peace; joy will never cease 

You shall the life crown win

When A Gospel Group Performed A Christian Song Comically 1

The Kingsmen Quartet/Screen grabbed from thekingsmenquartet.com

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