September 12

Comedy at its Best with Ferlin Husky as Simon Crum

You won’t stay glum after watching Ferlin Husky pull off his comic alter ego and best buddy, Simon Crum. Here, Simon Crum parodies other stars that were renown in the 1950’s era. He featured country singers like Kitty Wells and Ernest Tubb, and even the branded King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley!

A natural entertainer, would you agree?

But who was Simon Crum? According to Ferlyn, the original name was Simon Crump. He was some sort of an uncle to him back in Missouri. During his five-year service in the US Marine merchant, he would entertain the troops by impersonating different character voices, but all through the persona of Uncle Simon Crump.

Seeing the good receptivity for Simon Crum, he did this character on the radio in Bakersfield, California in 1940. Later on, he was able to secure a recording contract with Capitols. Following his success with his signatures song, “Wings of a Dove” and duet hit “Dear John” with Jean Shepard, he signed Simon Crum up to release novelty songs. By then, he had to drop “P” from the surname Crump.

So, from the late 1950s to early ‘60s, Simon Crum became phenomenal. Ferlyn would always bring him along in all his TV and live performances.

Like his country singer buddy Ferlyn, Simon also had success with his own track list as a comic singer. His album called The Unpredictable Simon Crum was released in 1963. Most popular among his songs was Country Music is Here to Stay which landed top 2 on the chart for three weeks.

The idea behind his birth and rise on air was prompted when in the advent of Elvis Presley, country music was not selling well. That also shaped the inspiration for the hit “Country Music is Here to Stay.” (Good move For Ferlyn, I would say.)

Still could not get enough of Ferlin? Okay, here are bonus videos. One in B&W and the other colored. Both are classics, and I had a hard time choosing which one I liked better.


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