“Come Wake Me Up” is one of Rascal Flatts’ many amazing love ballads but this song speaks more of longing and despair rather than joy in love.

come wake me up

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The Message In “Come Wake Me Up”

This Rascal Flatts song is one that speaks of pain not many of us want to go through.

Heartbreaks are sometimes so devastating that we sometimes wish it was all only a dream. Hoping that we would wake up and look beside us to see our partner lying there and feeling a great sense of relief as we tell ourselves “it is just a nightmare, thank God.”

However, the sad reality is that for some of us, that nightmare is as real as it gets. We wake up to see that we are alone and realize that it is really happening. Then suddenly the happy memories start pouring in, not helping the situation one bit.

“Come Wake Me Up” is Rascal Flatts’ Song of Longing 11

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It is during this time that we feel the most pain, longing, and wanting everything to be different. Contemplating what we could have done to change things while we drown in the melancholy of the sad reality that we are on. She/he is gone and we are left greatly wanting for her/him back in our lives.

That is the message of the song, a story of longing for our partner, the fear of being alone and the realization of what could have been. To many of us, however, though this pain is something hard to get over, we do eventually get past it.

Heartbreak is temporary, wounds heal, and one day we can find that someone who can really make things better and help us stand up again. This song though should also be a reminder for us to check on our relationships, see what we can do to prevent this heartbreak and learn from the song.

Short History on “Come Wake Me Up”

“Come Wake Me Up” was the second single in Rascal Flatts‘ eight studio album titled Changed. Though the song didn’t manage to make it to the number one spot in the chart, it was still received very well by both audiences and critics.

“Come Wake Me Up” peaked at the number four spot on the US Billboard Country Airplay Chart.