August 24

“Come To Jesus:” Dedicated to Anyone Struggling Right Now

Point of Grace
Point of Grace /

Christian supergroup Point of Grace’s natural evolution of country-tinged sound has collected a wide collection of their fan base with their songs that center on bringing inspiration and sharing their faith. In this world surrounded by secular sounds, more listeners grew hungry for music that offers hope and positive thoughts. Point of Grace has remained true to their Contemporary Christian roots and they now try to reach out to a wider audience with the release of their new album No Changin’ Us.

Come to Jesus

“Come to Jesus’” meaning is evident in the title. We have to admit that we mostly remember to call God when we are dwindling. The song urges us not to wait for weakening to come before you go back to the Father. Every day, we can always talk to Him about anything that is happening around us.

The song’s message may be simple but has an eternal value. And, that value is building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Some people mistakenly believe that they have to be perfect to receive God’s love. Remember that Jesus came here on Earth to fix the broken, heal the sick, restore the weary, and most of all to free us from the burdens caused by our forefather’s sins.

We all fall down.
We all need saving once in a while.
You are not alone.

Take the First Step

Right now, you might be wondering about the first thing that must be done to start a new life with Christ. It’s practically easy fella. Right where you are sitting or standing, close your eyes, clear your minds and utter a prayer of acceptance of Jesus to move through your life. Ask His guidance and pray for courage and strength to keep the faith no matter what happens. Changes will not happen overnight, but things will definitely get better if you hold on to your faith. Again, the first step towards a well-directed life is acknowledging God’s sovereignty over your life.

And while you are having your reflection, listen to this song, and be uplifted with its message.

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Come to Jesus, No Changin’ Us, Point of Grace

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