“Come To Jesus” is a great song of comfort for those of us who might be struggling with things at the moment. Listen to it performed with the bluegrass style.

come to Jesus

A blind man being healed by Jesus after he came to Him for help. Image from Wikipedia Commons

It is very common for us to have moments of doubt just suddenly surge through us especially in times of struggle. At times like these, we are often left in the dark, or at least that is how we feel. The feeling of helplessness is just so strong that we always end up scared and alone.

come to Jesus

In times of struggle, it often feels like pushing a boulder up a steep hill only for it to fall again when we reach the top. Image from Pixabay

It is also at times like these when the devil tries to take advantage of our faith and tries to sever our connection with God. He loves to use our weaknesses to plant doubt in us and make us question whether or not our Lord is really there for us.

Of course, the answer is a big, fat, definite yes! Of course our Lord is always there for us, He never even left to begin with. However, when we are struggling it is very hard to see that our views always get shrouded by the darkness that envelopes us that we fail to see our Lord who is standing just in front of us.

come to Jesus

Our Lord has always been there for us, never leaving us even for a second. Image from Pexels

It is normal for us to falter at times like these, after all, we are only human. Despite how hard we try and how strong our faith is, there are times when we fall because of the exhaustion of the struggles we face. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to remind us to “Come To Jesus.”

“Come To Jesus” Sing it to Remind Ourselves What To Do

Our family, friends, pets, songs, and many others are always there to help God remind us that He is still there, and we should be very thankful for that. One great example of this is the song “Come To Jesus” a straight forward song that tells us straight up what to do when we are struggling.

The Gaither Vocal band did a great job performing this song with a bluegrass style. Take a listen to it and to those of us who are struggling, may it serve as an awesome reminder that Jesus is there for us so never falter because He will keep supporting us.