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“Come Next Morning” and K.T. Oslin’s Music Video Idea

k.t. oslin come next monday

“Come Next Monday”

In 1990, K.T. Oslin released a version of the song she co-wrote with Charlie Black and Rory Michael Bourke. Judy Rodman, an American Country singer who began in the early 80’s, first recorded the song. It was included in her self-titled album in 1986. Sadly, her single didn’t enter the Billboard charts.

Chart Performance of K.T. Oslin’s Version

Five years after the release of Judy’s version, K.T. Oslin recorded the song and included it on her album Love in a Small Town as the number one track. This time around Oslin’s version of the song made it to the Billboard Charts. “Come Next Monday” peaked at the No. 1 position for two weeks on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs, and it remained for a total of 20 weeks on the chart. This was Oslin’s fourth number one single to enter the Billboard chart and the only song from her album Love in a Small Town to peak at number one.

The Song’s Content

“Come Next Monday” is a heartfelt song of a woman reminding herself to get over her lover. She made plans for what she has to do to forget about him. The character knew that she is still in love with her ex-lover and that there is a chance that she might fall back into her old routine of calling him. Therefore, despite her feelings for him she tried her best to get over her man.

K.T. Oslin’s Music Video Idea

K.T. Oslin was talking about the song she wrote. She was also giving suggestions on how the music video of the song should be. A funny love story between Frankenstein and a lady in white (who was played by K.T. Oslin). Oslin narrated the idea of the video as it should be. Black and white scenes of the supposed music video are shown. I think it’s a fun music video idea. What do you think folks, should it be the music video for K.T. Oslin’s song “Come Next Monday?”

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