December 12

Collin Raye Talks About Two Hearts that Beat as One

Finding true love is just like finding a needle in the Sahara desert. Sometimes, we need to make an effort to have it. But, the best price is when we finally found the perfect person for us to be our better half for the rest of our life. I guess that it is everyone’s desire — to find the person who will fill the emptiness they feel inside. Well, good luck in finding true love! I hope that you will have a happy ending just like the hit of Collin Raye, “One Boy, One Girl.”

The Hit Maker for Country Love Songs

He is the best known for his debut single “Love Me” and it became his first number one. Hence, this man was able to release hit after hit songs. Also, he is known for his numerous love songs that can melt a heart. Of course, I’m referring to the great charmer, Collin Raye, who rose to fame in 1983.

Collin Raye stands out from other artists due to his unique style in interpreting his hits. Anyhow, his style is country-pop ballads which shows more emotions through his masterpiece. I guess Raye’s style is effective because his hits were loved by the public.

One of the Great Love Songs of All Time

Finding one’s soulmate is the best present that anyone can get. Hence, who would not like to find the person that they will spend the rest of their life with? I hope that you will get inspired by my next featured song which is “One Boy, One Girl” by Collin Raye. Moreover, this hit was released in 1995 and it went to number 2 in Hot Country Songs.

Collin Raye, as the interpreter of “One Boy, One Girl,” is a perfect match. His style really complemented the message of the song. Indeed, the hit talks about finding true love and staying together for the rest of your life. In closing, I hope that everyone will be able to find their one true love in the perfect time.


Collin Raye, Love Me, One Boy One Girl

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