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Country Music Collections: The Best of Garth Brooks Part I

Country Music Collections: The Best of Garth Brooks Part I 1

We have not heard so much of Garth Brooks these past days. As a treat, we plan to look back on some of his songs that truly expose his unique country croon. His songs are some of the most significant of the past decades of country music. During his fame period, Brooks helped to independently bring country music to a listening audience outside the genre’s usual restraints. We bring you a list of our Top 10 Garth Brooks songs throughout his entire chart-breaking career.

“Papa Loved Mama”

Released on Brooks’ 1992 album, Ropin’ in the Wind, is a song about a bullet behind deceptions, infidelity, and murder. The story starts with a truck-driving father and a mother who has needs. Brooks wrote the song with his friend, Kim Williams. Unexpectedly, it is a fun song given the subject matter. It reached Top 3 in Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

“Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up)”

The song was released on Brooks’ 1993 album, In Pieces, and reached Top 1 after a striking six-week race to the top. You may have already heard this song commonly performed in American Idol. Aspirants have tried to sing this challenging tune, but no one can match Brooks’ impressive vocal charisma. The lyrics are purposely provocative, peppered with sexual inference. Brooks, however, shows his more lively side with this up-tempo hit, featuring his moving vocal performance. Moreover, he transports the lyrics in a brisk manner that partially conceals many of the more suggestive lines.

“The River”

Another track off his Ropin’ in the Wind album is one of his inspirational materials- “The River”. Co-written by Brooks and Victoria Shaw, the song’s mild, nature-like opening gives way to a powerful chorus, with a lyric that heartens everyday people to experience all they can from life. The song became Brooks’ ninth Top 1 hit.

Do you agree if we say that the first three songs are notable? Stay tuned for the next set of Garth Brooks’ Bests by visiting our website Country Thang Daily.


Garth Brooks, Papa Loved Mama, The River

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