June 13

Colet Selwyn Sings a Heartfelt Gospel Song “I Cry Out To You”

Colet Selwyn’s Life

Colet Selwyn
Photo Credit: Colet Selwyn/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Colet Selwyn is a 23-year-old man who grew up having Indian doctor parents. He was raised in India but is now residing in Lambert, Stirlingshire, Scotland. At an early age, he began singing in their church with his family who was also a devotee of God.

Selwyn, together with his family, is known as the Sunbeam Singers as they capture the hearts of their listeners and they sing praises to God in their church. His parents taught him how to serve God at an early age and that became an inspiration for him to record more gospel songs during his early adulthood.

Moreover, with his love for gospel songs and an amazing voice, he was then discovered by an American bass singer George Younce.

One of the gospel songs he recorded was “I Cry Out To You.”

Colet Selwyn Joins The Voice UK 2016

Colet Selwyn
Photo Credit: Colet Selwyn/youtube.com by Screengrab

Remember the handsome man who wore a gray and violet suit on The Voice UK 2016: Blind Auditions 3?  The man who performed in a deep baritone of the song “The Ole House” is Colet Selwyn. The performance he made is not just an ordinary performance, but undeniably an amazing and wonderful one. Could you imagine an Indian man who sings western country songs with a deep voice? What an amazing talent isn’t it?

Sadly, luck was not in his favor yet.  Yes, he had impressed the judges but none have turned their chairs in the blind auditions. But, right after his performance one of the judges looked for a man behind that deep voice. He never thought that the man behind was Colet.

Before joining The Voice, he was already a great singer. In fact, he was awarded the Falkirk Herald Voice in 2011 and Cathedral Reunion Concert in 2013.

 “I Cry Out To You”

It is a Christian song recorded by Colet. His voice captured the heart of his listeners. Where the song reflects how we cope with the struggles that happen in our lives. As we open our heart to the Lord, that is the moment we allow Him to control us. Everything will be perfect if we trust in the Lord.

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Colet Selwyn

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