June 25

Sober-Up With “Must Be The Whiskey” by Cody Jinks


With his suave baritone and lonesome, dark-hued country songs, Cody Jinks induces classic styles from outlaw country to classic Southern rock. What was more intriguing was when he announced he would be debuting his own personally organized music festival in Ft. Worth in August called Loud and Heavy. From here, we can say he has climbed out of the shadows to make himself a champ independent country to the next level. He also has an upcoming album, Lifers, set to go out on the 27th of July. Ahead of the album’s release comes the debut track “Must Be The Whiskey”.

Sober-Up With “Must Be The Whiskey” by Cody Jinks 1

“Must Be The Whiskey”, Song Facts

Secretive country artist, Josh Morningstar penned “Must Be The Whiskey”. The song is a little more than just your regular drinking ode, the song explores into the spinning door that hard alcohol can be. It finds you drinking to freeze the pain of a wrecked heart. However, the alcohol keeps reminding you of the memories, the reason you are drinking in the first place.

At first, the organ hits your ear, giving an impression that the song will be a little more progressive rock than country. However, it leads into a big chorus with steel guitar smears, and later a huge steel guitar solo. “Must Be The Whiskey” was recorded at the Sonic Ranch studio outside of El Paso with Cody’s road band just like the rest of Lifers.

Like the other leading independent country acts, Cody Jinks has set himself a collar above the mob by not just representing the right sound of country, but through writing and choosing quality songs to deliver that traditional country sound with.

What Else Can We Say…

“Must Be The Whiskey” may not be a runner for Song of the Year. Nevertheless, it possesses what a lead single can do. It attracts a wide audience with a catching sound and builds curiosity. Hopefully, “Must Be The Whiskey” will take the traditional country fans eyeing for something real flocking to the Cody Jinks camp as they should.

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Cody Jinks, Must Be The Whiskey

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