“Coat Of Many Colors” by the one and only Dolly Parton gives us one of the sweetest stories about a mother’s love.

coat of many colors

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This classic song will never fail to make listeners teary-eyed or, at the very least, feel moved. At the base of it all, there are only two reactions we can get from listening to this song, we either cry or lie that we didn’t.

It isn’t surprising that “Coat Of Many Colors” can make us cry with its relatable and touching story. Before anything else, yes the song does have some biblical connections. However, it is actually more about Dolly’s life and one where we can all relate to some degree. This is a song that showcases the pureness of a mom’s love.

The Story of “Coat Of Many Colors”

Dolly Parton didn’t have a privileged life growing up. Being the 4th child out of twelve back in Tennessee, money was very scarce and wasn’t enough for luxuries.

One day, Dolly‘s dear old mom made her a coat out of different patches of cloth that made it look like it was very colorful. She was teased at school because of that coat, but she thought little of it and still proudly showed off her coat explaining why it was something important and that it was made from love.

“Coat Of Many Colors:” A Sweet Dolly Parton Classic 11

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In the song, Dolly tries to convey the message that though she and her family didn’t have much in terms of material possessions, they were still very rich in other, and arguably, more important ways.

Isn’t that what really matters? With all the mini luxuries we have today thanks to start-up companies, the internet, and rapid technology advancements, we can get really spoiled and tend to get caught up in our materialistic world.

“Coat Of Many Colors” isn’t for one specific demographic only, it’s for everyone. It is a great song to listen to and a good message to reflect on.

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