July 25

ICYMI: The CMA Fiasco Surrounding Alan Jackson’s Walk-out to Beyonce’s Performance

Once again, country singers across the nation have gathered to celebrate one big event—the Country Music Association Awards (CMAs). The night was meant to be a commemoration of the history of country music—at least, that was what all the guests had expected. However, when Beyoncé stole the show in a surprise performance, astonishment and mixed emotions began to surface among fans and country artists.

Joined by the Dixie Chicks, Beyoncé graced the stage to perform one of her songs, titled Daddy Lessons.

While many were shocked by Queen B’s sudden appearance, one country music legend decided to break the awkward silence and take action. Alan Jackson stood up against Bee’s performance, sternly claiming that it was out-of-place and forced.

It just didn’t fit the night to me, celebrating the 50 years and The Dixie Chicks seemed liked her backup band on it, without enough of a real shout-out to them.

The country singer also reportedly walked out of the show. Although he is yet to give a statement about his decision, Jackson has been using the hashtag #KeepinItCountry on all his social media accounts.

One of the Nashville Managers sympathized with Jackson and said that the performance fell flat. The collaboration between Dixie Chicks and Beyoncé didn’t turn out as well as they pictured it to be.

“I was sitting behind Alan Jackson, and he actually stood up from the front row and walked out in the middle of the performance, so I think that speaks volumes for the traditional, real country acts.”

Beyoncé’s unannounced performance was not the only subject of criticism for country music fans. The pop diva’s choice of outfit and dance moves were deemed too suggestive, over-sexualized, and inappropriate for the theme of the CMA’s 50th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Dixie Chicks singer, Natalie Maines took to her Twitter account to respond to all the bashers. In a series of tweets, Mines says that performing with Beyoncé was one of the greatest weeks of her life. The singer even jokes about being offered to co-host next year’s CMA with Queen B, only to decline it because she’s apparently “got a thing that night”.


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