November 12

The CMA Awards: Over 5 Decades of Honoring the Best Stars

The 52nd annual celebration of Country Music Association Awards is slated on Wednesday, November 14. The CMA Awards program is considered country music’s most prestigious awards. As such, we expect many of the biggest names of this genre to be present during the event. We know how excited everyone is about this big event of the year and for sure, you have already thought of the probable winning artists and songs. Putting aside your excitement for a while, let’s take a look back at the stars who made it to CMA Awards over the years.

About the CMA Awards

Since the show’s inauguration in 1967, it has already honored numerous country music singers and songwriters alike for their invaluable contributions to the genre. The annual awards are bestowed to the deserving artists in twelve categories. These are as follows: Entertainer, Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, New Artist (formerly known as the Horizon Award until 2008), Vocal Group, Vocal Duo (introduced in 1970), Single, Album, Song, Musical Event, Music Video (introduced in 1985), and Musician of the Year.

Eddy Arnold was the very first artist to receive CMA’s major award which is the Entertainer of the Year in 1967. There are more than 20 artists who received the same award after Arnold. Some even won the accolade more than once in their career. Also, just like in many awards program, there are artists during the CMA Awards who outshine their fellows by taking home multiple trophies. Find out the artists who have the most number of CMA Awards under their belts below.

CMA Awards, By the Numbers

Entertainer of the Year

This award is considered as the major title that CMA Awards give. To date, Garth Brooks holds the record for having the most number of Entertainer of the Year awards with a total of six. He was also the latest artist to win the said title taking it home last year.

The Artists with the Most CMA Awards

Knowing that George Strait has the most number of CMA trophies, thus far, is enough reason to be considered as The King of Country Music.  Given his long list of won awards, he was also the most nominated artist for CMA. Since 1983, Strait received at least 80 nominations and brought home 23 CMA awards as of 2015.

The Host with the Most CMA Accolades

Vince Gill currently holds CMA Awards’ record for the show’s longest-running host with the most number of CMA wins. He spent a dozen years hosting the prominent event between 1992 and 2003. Gill has a total of 18 CMA trophies at present.

The Unbeatable Duo

Although the duo decided to split up in 2010, Brooks & Dunn‘s reputation as the duo with the most number of CMA accolades remains unbreakable. Between 1992 until their separation in 2010, Brooks & Dunn won a total of 17 awards and 46 nominations from the CMA Awards.


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